°1 pack of stovetop filling


°1 cup warm water


°2 pack brown mixture (one for the interior of the meatloaf, one for the top)


°1.five kilos ground beef


°1 cup water


°2 eggs, scrambled



In a medium-sized bowl, upload the stuffing combination and 1 cup of warm water.

Leave the filling for five mins.

Meanwhile, in some other medium bowl, blend 1 packof brown broth with 1 cup of cold water.

Add minced meat and eggs, blend well (I recognise it is less difficult to do together along with your hands, it is sickening).

After the filling has rested for five mins, stir the filling combination into the ground beef combination.

Grease a skillet with non-stick spray, then press the floor pork combination into the skillet.

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