Home Fitness A calming morning routine that reduces morning anxiety

A calming morning routine that reduces morning anxiety

A calming morning routine that reduces morning anxiety

A calming morning routine that reduces morning anxiety

Have you been feeling stressed and anxious in the mornings lately? Does anxiety start as soon as you open your eyes and doing small daily tasks scares you? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many people go through this situation at some point in their lives. Although stress has become an integral part of our lives, but if you experience irritability, extra worry and nervousness in the morning, you have a high chance of morning anxiety disorder. There are many ways to reduce the symptoms of morning anxiety, and one of the ways that helped me alleviate my anxiety was to have a calming morning routine.

Productive morning routines are great, but they won’t help you when you’re already anxious. So here are 7 ideas to incorporate into your calming morning routine.

Calming morning routine – 7 things every morning

How to relieve morning anxiety with a calming morning routine.  Morning routine for mental health.

1. Watch Sunrise

Start your day by watching the sunrise. It is beautiful and peaceful.

Dawn is calm and peaceful, making it the perfect time to start your morning.

When you wake up late, you don’t have time to do many things, which increases your stress.

Wake up a little earlier than other people in your house and have some quiet time for yourself.

It is important to be with you and understand your feelings. Understand your feelings and enjoy the beauty that nature brings you every morning.

When you start your day early, you don’t have to rush your morning routine.

You’ll also have plenty of time to do calming things to calm your morning anxiety.

2. Use affirmations

Affirmation has power!

Words have power. All the negative thoughts running through your mind are just negative words.

Replace these negative words with positive affirmations.

Consciously repeat the affirmations and soon it will become your reality. Affirmations only work when you believe what you say.

When your thoughts don’t match your words, the mind gets confused. So think positive and say positive.

Remember to use the present tense in your affirmations. For example, instead of saying “I will be happy,” say “I am happy.”

When you’re new to affirmations, say what you think is possible. Don’t lie to yourself.

I think with insurance you have to work your way through.

Don’t start by saying “I have everything under control”.

No matter how many times you say this, it won’t work because deep down you know it’s not true.

Start with something small like “I am calm” or “My thoughts do not control me” and slowly build up to stronger affirmations.

Some of the affirmations that will reduce your morning anxiety include:

  • I trust the process of life
  • I’m protected
  • Things fall into place.
  • I’m at peace.
  • I feel calm

3. Take a shower

There is something so relaxing about hot showers.

Not only does it relax my muscles, but the sound of the water drops calms my mind.

A good hot shower is the most important way to relax when I feel anxious.

Many people argue that hot water strips the skin of its natural moisture and therefore it is a bad idea to take a hot shower. But for me, giving up a hot shower is not an option.

Sure, my skin gets dry, but the problem is easily solved with a good moisturizer.

My mental health is more important than anything else.

I also use essential oils in the shower whenever possible. When I don’t have essential oils on hand, I prefer to use a scented shower gel.

I never knew scents could calm your anxiety until I bought a lemongrass shower gel that brought back good memories. It really made me smile and forget all the stress for a while.

I highly recommend using an essential oil or a nice-smelling shower gel. This has helped me a lot.

4. Do breathing exercises

Breathing is a natural and continuous process that we do every minute without notice.

But you may have realized that your breathing pattern and rate changes as your emotions change. For example, you breathe faster when you are angry and slower when you are calm.

Deep breathing signals the brain to calm down, which is why deep breathing exercises should be included in a calming morning routine.

There is many breathing exercises things you can do to reduce your morning anxiety. Try different exercises and see how each one makes you feel.

Stick to the ones that help you the most.

Alternate nostril breathing works best for me. It calms my mind and I immediately feel lighter.

5. Drink water and eat a healthy breakfast

Drink a glass of water after waking up.

Your body is dry in the morning. It needs water, not a cup of coffee.

Avoid eating breakfast in a hurry. Set aside at least 20-30 minutes for breakfast.

Chew your food properly and eat consciously.

Digestion has a direct connection to how you feel emotionally. If you eat hard-to-digest and processed foods in the morning, you will feel restless and lethargic, which will increase your anxiety levels.

Skipping breakfast altogether increases morning anxiety. No breakfast means low blood sugar, which really makes you anxious.

6. Do nothing

Yes, you read that right. Do not do anything!

In the morning, sit still for a few minutes and do nothing.

Find yourself a comfortable place and be aware of your surroundings.

Let your mind rest and take a break from your thoughts by focusing more on your senses.

If it helps, close your eyes and smell the room or try to identify the sounds you can hear because it’s so quiet.

If a thought comes to mind, push it away and focus on your five senses.

7. Visualize your day

Don’t let the long to-do list scare you.

Prioritize your tasks for the day and focus on just a few things. Not everything on the list is important.

Visualize your day now.

Imagine yourself doing all the work and having an ideal daily routine without feeling anxious or stressed.

Even if you think you wouldn’t be so calm throughout the day, still imagine yourself as calm and peaceful as possible.

It is your imagination, your thoughts and your mind. You can control it.

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How to relieve morning anxiety with a calming morning routine.  Morning routine for mental health.



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